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Illinois National Guard

Military medals groups like this peace time pre WWI group can be very helpful especially when they contain generic awards like the armory marksmanship award in the center below the ribbon bars.  By itself this award would be impossible to attribute to a state of issue since there is no state name or emblem anywhere in the design. However in this case since the group is obviously from Illinois therefore the mystery medal is also. The only remaining question would be did any other states use the same design? 


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Retired from KP after nearly 31 years as new issues editor and the Standard Catalogs.
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  1. Warbuff says:

    Fred I am very interested in the ribbon bar that you are displaying. I have one exactly like it but in two parts. It is among the affects of my husbands grandfather who served with the 2nd Company Oregon Coastal Artillery, Fort Stevens, Oregon
    in 1917 and with Battery C, 65th Artillery. This was a National Guard Artillery Unit and I can’t explain why he would have the ribbon bars from Illinois.
    The 65th was sent to France by way of Liverpool,England in April of 1918. He served in France and has the WWI Victory Medal with St. Mihiel, Meuse – Argonne, and Defensive Sector bars. He also had the Oregon Veterans Medal. He lived at the time of the War in Mosier, Oregon and after the War lived a short distance away in Hood River, Oregon where he died in 1973. If the Ribbon Bar is Illinois only I wonder that he had it with his veterans medals?! I can’t tell you how long I have been trying to figure out what these bars were, needless to say years and your blog was the first time I have seen them exactly the same. Can you tell me more about them? Our family has no connections that we know of in Illinois, but I wonder if the Illinois Unit was also a part of the 65th Coastal Battery that served in the War?

  2. Fred Borgmann says:

    Sorry for the delay but I just discovered your question. Both ribbons are from veterans groups. The one on the right I think is a VFW ribbon and the other is for some kind of private issue WWI related medal. Hope this helps, Fred

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