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House Rules

Readers of this blog should keep in mind that I am not informed when a comment is left anywhere in this blog. I do check recent entries fairly often but the older entries are rarely checked by me, maybe only once a year or so and that is to remove trash comments which are totally unrelated to this blog. As I was doing this today I noticed a comment posted last December from a veteran asking me to help him get a medal that I had written up which he claimed to be entitled to. I would have been glad to help him until I read his second comment posted just one month later which revealed what a lost and twisted soul this guy is. The second comment was a profane demand that I give him the medal!! Needless to say that changed my whole attitude; now there is no way I would even consider helping him. All that comments like his will get from me is deleted.

About Fred Borgmann

Retired from KP after nearly 31 years as new issues editor and the Standard Catalogs.
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