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Dueppel Cross

Dueppel Cross

I love to take my wife shopping for two reasons. First of all she is a good shopper and demands quality at a good price. If the quality isn’t there or the price is too high she won’t buy at all. Second when I drop her off at the shopping mall I am free to hit the local antique malls. Last week just after New Years, which is a good time to see what new dealers have moved into your local mall, had one of those days for me. I got lucky after I dropped off the wife and found a Duepple Cross at a bargain price which was very unusual considering that the dealer’s other items were all very high or over priced in my opinion. The Prussian Duppel (the letter u has an umlaut on the medal) Cross was given to the troops who participated in the storming and capture of the Danish fortress of Dueppel in 1864. The Prussians numbered 16,000 which is a small number as far as campaign medals go.

This type of military medal is called a campaign medal which to my way of thinking is the best kind of military medal to collect. Campaign medals are historic mile stones and were given to every soldier that took part in the war, battle or campaign for which it was issued. For the most part the issuing of campaign medals to all, even the lowest ranking soldiers started during the Napoleonic wars.

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