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Blinding Hatred

The blinding hatred of politics never ceases to amaze me. I generally avoid talking about politics because I usually get both sides mad at me and nothing constructive comes of it. This time I will make an exception. Since Pres. Obama’s election I have seen an endless torrent of forwarded emails blaming the new president for everything; from his inherited economic problems to global warming itself. The latest one states that he has ordered the post office to issue an offensive Arabic language postage stamp and includes such a stamp design taken from the zazzle.com site. This is a site as I understand it, where a private person can have personalized postage stamps printed up with their own pictures or designs for an additional fee. The US Post Office has also issued an Arabic language holiday stamp in several different denominations for many years now. As a matter of fact the first such designs on stamps were issued as far back as 2001 which was many years before Pres. Obama took up residence in the White House. Don’t believe me? Check this out: ( http://www.snopes.com/politics/stamps/eidstamp.asp ) Not being a stamp collector I may have just had an old new idea but I think now would be a good time for a series of postage stamps honoring the innocent victims of 911. Let us make the stamps bi-lingual and use both English and Arabic on every stamp. If you like this idea please pass it on, you need not even give me credit for it.

My main reason for airing this is to call attention to all the BS being passed around the internet. The anti Target Stores is another example of the lies that never die on the net. I also included the snopes.com link in the hope that readers would go there to check things out before forwarding them. If as a country we let ourselves become so gullible that we believe these lies and attack innocent people and corporations we will have lost our ability to recognize our true enemies and defend ourselves properly. At that point we are doomed.

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Retired from KP after nearly 31 years as new issues editor and the Standard Catalogs.
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4 Responses to Blinding Hatred

  1. pat says:

    fred, ive been reading coin blogs daily since the invention of the term blog, and have never felt the need to respond to one whether i agreed with it or not until now. i would like to say to you, thank you for writing this, and i agree with you whole heartedly. i am amazed everyday at the stuff some people will forward without even knowing or caring if its true or not. if it agrees with there own opinion they send it. keep up the good work. i read dave harper every day and found your spot by accident but i saved you to my favorites and will be back for more. pat

  2. Fred says:

    Thank you Pat! I rarely get such nice comments. Fred

  3. Mike Halasi says:

    I agree 300 % regarding the stamps honoring 911 victims. Police, Fire, civilians, alike. Everyone having fallen to that attack should be remembered in such a dignified way.

  4. Fred says:

    Thanks Mike, perhaps I should have worded it …victims and heroes. Thanks for visiting, Fred

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