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Army Driver and Mechanic Badge

If you are anything like me you have never given this badge enough respect. I always liked the shooting badges but when I ran into the occasional Army Driver Badge I would quickly move on looking for something more interesting. As time went on my collection grew and I found it ever harder to find anything thing to buy in the many antique malls and shops that I stalked. About ten years ago I started buying the army qualification badges I ran across if the price was right (cheap). Recently I began sorting my hoard of mostly silver badges and much to my surprise I found that I only had one of these driver badges. Driver badges must be a lot scarcer than the marksman badges. Checking the regulations I found that these badges are not easy to earn; requiring at least one year of accident and violation free driving. Having been drafted by my former boss into driving some of his WWII trucks in local parades also instilled me with a new respect for the drivers who earned these badges. The more we mature as a collectors the more we learn not to dismiss the seemingly mundane.

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Retired from KP after nearly 31 years as new issues editor and the Standard Catalogs.
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2 Responses to Army Driver and Mechanic Badge

  1. richard D. says:

    In addition to my coin interests I also collect,and re-enact WWII. Thats a badge worth keeping for sure. The "W" denotes "wheeled vehicles". DRIVER T would be for tracked vehicles. I have encountered them from time to time.Not often enough. Many vehicle owners look for these to complete their class A uniforms.Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fred Borgmann says:

    You are welcome Richard. Other bars for this badge would include A for amphibious vehicles, M for motorcycles, MECHANIC, and OPERATOR-S for special equipment. Fred

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