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May 4, 1959


There always have been many different uses for money. This article, from the May 4, 1959 issue of Numismatic News, explores a new one.


Money as a Deadly Weapon?

New Jersey Legislature Don’t Think So

Trenton – The Assembly and Senate yesterday balked at the possibility that packaged coins might be called concealed weapons.

Assemblywoman Mildred B. Hughes (D-Union) would have amended the law against carrying concealed weapons to include any device which might be fitter over or held in the hand for use as a weapon.

Existing law cites specific weapons which the proposed amendment does not, Assemblyman William F. Hyland (D-Camden) contended. He said that “instances have occurred where rolls of nickels have been used in a way to do great harm, but this bill is too broad if mere possession of a roll of nickels could be an offense,” he objected.

On a motion by Assemblyman Stanley A. Stolowski (D-Essex), the bill was laid over for further study.

Sen. Robert C. Crane (R-Union) also moved a bill against those who commit assaults with unconventional instruments. His term was “any material object capable of being used as a weapon, except where the possessor gives a satisfactory explanation.”

When Sen. Joseph W. Cowgill (D-Camden) objected to the bill as too vague, Crane thinking in bigger terms than the Assembly, denied that a roll of quarters carried by a bank-bound clerk could be classified as a weapon.

–       Newark Evening News