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May 30, 1972


In 1972, the quest for reliable authentication of coins took a huge step forward with the establishment of the American Numismatic Association Certification Service (ANACS). The ANACS paved to way for the third party grading services that dominate coin collecting today.

New ANA Authentication Service Starts June 15

An operational date of June 15 has been set for the inauguration of the American Numismatic Association Certification Service (ANACS), according to statements issued by ANA president John J. Pittman and board member Virgil Hancock. The announcements climaxed a six year drive, which the pair headed, aimed at providing the hobby with its first universal authentication service.

The way was cleared for the establishment of the service in February of 1971 when the ANA board accepted a fund of more than $50,000 raised by the American Numismatic Authentication Trust, and agreed to assume the responsibility for operating such a service. At its board meeting this past February, the ANA board selected Charles R. Hoskins as director of ANACS.

Hoskins assumed the director’s post on April 1, and since that time has been involved in the selection and establishment of an office, and assembling the equipment required to perform the required tests of authentication.

In announcing the operating plan for ANACS, Hancock noted that the service “will not grade coins,” nor will it undertake to “appraise” them. Its performance will be restricted, he observed, “to certifying their authenticity.” Coins which are submitted for testing and are subsequently deemed genuine will be assigned a “registration number and issued a certificate bearing on one side detailed photos of the observe and reverse, and on the other side will be the numbered certificate.”

Use of the ANACS is open to anyone. Although the service is to be run by the American Numismatic Association, membership in that organization will not be required for its use.