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March 7, 1972


In 1972, Krause Publications released the first issue of the Standard Catalog of World Coins, the most comprehensive catalog of world coins ever published. Now in its 40th edition, the Standard Catalog remains one of the mainstays of Krause’s coin publications.

More than Century of coin History in Krause Catalog

The first coin reference ever published which includes listings of all world coin issues from mid-1800s to the presentby date – the Standard Catalog of World Coins – was released on March 1. The most comprehensive catalog of world coins ever published, it incorporates over 15,000 original coin photos and over 30,000 coin listings.

Released by Krause Publications, the Standard Catalog was authored by Chester L. Krause and Clifford Mishler, publisher and numismatic editor of the News. Chronicled on its pages is more than a century of the world’s coinage history by date, complete with mintage statistics and valuations.

In embarking on the task of preparing this new reference, the authors viewed the absence of a single, comprehensive catalog listing world coins by date as a deficiency which has significantly tempered the growth of the constantly expanding interests of Americans in this phase of the hobby. Veteran collectors and dealers who have examined pre-publication copy for the catalog have hailed it as a successful answer.