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March 4, 2003


Slow news days are a part of life. Many times days like these allow columnists to show their more creative side. In this entertaining column, from the March 4, 2003 issue of Numismatic News, Ray Sidman writes about his thoughts on a snowy day.

Snowy day snags make for more Ray musings

By Ray Sidman

Perhaps 50 years from now, those of us still fortunate to be around will tell our friends and families about the snowstorm of 2003 (or as we’ll bud it, “that winter of ought-three” … music score by Philip Glass).

Meteorologists stated this is the worst cold blast since 1996. Granted, seven years ago may not seem distant as opposed to if they’d called it the worst storm in 50 years, nut … where were you seven years ago? I was wrapping up my undergrad work in English. Life was a bowl of Dos Passos, Faulkner, Shelley and Kafka peppered with chess, hot tea and a conflagration of term papers.

This latest snowstorm appears to be affecting everyone, even we numismatic newspeople. Starting at the East Coast, there’s a trickle-down (freeze-up?) effect working its way west. Though technically, I guess the storm spawned in the Midwest prior to ravaging the Atlantic region. (There’s a Wolfgang Petersen film in there somewhere.)

I kniw this news week – already strained by the President’s Day holiday – has been all the more difficult with the snow shutting down everything from Metropolis to Gotham City. (And D.C.!)

So what do coin collectors do on a snowy day? Here’s one “Top 10” list:

10) Ponder meaning of life with heavy consideration toward “Monty Python” ideologies;

9) Do not watch “Rocky III” while reading Martin Amis;

8) Work on avoiding megalomaniacal self-referencing in this column;

7) Reread H.R. 258 Sec. 102(a) again … and again … and again;

6) Work on avoiding self-indulgent political commentary in this column;

5) Buy snow shovel and bus ticket to New England for good buddy Sisyphus;

4) Check whether Occam lost his razor. If so, commence finding it;

3) Contemplate potential designs for 2005 states that haven’t revealed any (Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas, West Virginia);

2) Dream of a world where Mint Statistics benevolently rules over a vast utopic coin empire;

1) Make giant snow coins (in both proof and uncirculated versions, of course).

See you next week, snow willing.