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March 30, 1971


The next of the steady stream of dollar coins was released in 1971. The new coins featured the likeness of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Frisco to Strike First Ike Silver Dollars March 31

The long awaited Eisenhower dollar will become a reality on March 31 when the first of the silver coins is struck at the San Francisco Assay Office. Initial production will be restricted to the uncirculated quality edition, although the West Coast facility will also assume responsibility for production of the proof edition at a later date.

A ceremony is planned for the inauguration of the production. It is anticipated that several representatives from official Washington, headed by director of the Mint Mary Brooks, will participate in the ceremony. The first specimens struck will be reserved for the Eisenhower family.

The Mint will immediately begin stockpiling its production of the coin, according to a mint spokesman, in preparation for the sales program which will be launched on July 1. Mint officials have indicated, however, that collectors should not try to enter orders for the coins at this time, noting that they have not yet set up the mechanics for handling orders.

The cupro-nickel clad Eisenhower dollar will not become available until late in the year, according to Mint officials. The production of this coin, which is anxiously awaited by Nevada’s gaming houses, cannot be launched until the Congress appropriates funds to carry it out, which will not be until the beginning of the fiscal year which begins July 1.

The clad dollar, the only version intended for circulation, will not be available from the Mint either singly or in proof or uncirculated sets. The entire mintage of the 1971 issue is destined to be distributed to the nation’s commercial banks for circulation issue. Mint officials have not indicted what plans they have for the offering of this coin in 1972.