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March 2, 1953


Numismatic News has always brought its readers stories of great coin finds. This selection tells the story of a great find by three young boys in Ohio.

Caches Found

Three young boys of Ashland, Ohio recently found a cache of $7,000 in an abandoned house. It netted $1200 in gold coins, $3600 old style bills, $600 bank deposit certificates and shares worth $600.

At Cincinnati, Ohio three youngsters came across $1200 in gold coins and $3600 in old style large paper bills in an abandoned house. Police learned of the find through a coin dealer, who reported the youngsters selling gold coins for 25c each.

Electricians rewiring an old farm house at Dassel, Minn. Uncovered about $30,000 in cash. They were Elmer Berg and Lawrence Freemen. Two bachelor brothers had last occupied the house. A neighboring farmer, Oscar Olson had recently purchased the house.