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January 15, 1968


The absence of mintmarks from American coinage did not last long. In 1968, mintmarks were returned to their rightful places on American coins.

Mint Marks Reappear on Coinage of 1968

Returning to their appointed jobs on the first working day of the new year, employees at the Denver Mint began producing coins bearing the “D” mint mark of that institution. The presence of this distinctive mark on Denver minted coins had been prohibited for the past three years by a section in the coinage Act of 1965.

To the employees the significance of the event could be stated in terms of pride. In their eyes they were once again producing a product which proudly displayed their signature, while collectors found the occasion to reflect on the restoration of an important tradition in American coinage.

An original five year prohibition was cut short by an amendment to the Silver Certificate legislation of 1967. The actual restoration serves as a final sign that coin shortage possibilities are no longer of concern to the Bureau of the Mint, a circumstance which is resulting in more cordial relations between the coin collecting community and Washington.

No better evidence of this new climate could be provided than a special January 4th ceremony at the Denver Mint which formally marked the restoration. Invited to this event by director of the mint Eva Adams were a number of distinguished representatives of the hobby, who witnessed the activities (which were taking place as this issue went to press) in the company of mint officials, local politicians and representatives of the national press.

While the day of the ceremony was not to find all five coin denominations in production at the Denver facility, all in attendance were to be afforded an opportunity to inspect the actual placement of mint marks on each by viewing examples of the new mint marked proof coins which have been placed in production at the San Francisco minting facility.

While no specimens of 1968 coinage were available for examination at press time, it has been established that the mint marks on all five denominations of coins will appear on the observe, and they will be approximately uniform in style and size. It has also bee learned that they will appear on the right side of the coin (as viewed) on the cent, nickel, dime and quarter, while on the half the location will be at the bottom center.