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Zeppelin Over the Pyramids

TMWhat.gifWhere Can You Find A Zeppelin Over the Pyramids?

Zep egypt.jpg

On a Goetz Medal of Course

This Karl Goetz medal features Dr. Hugo Eckener – Father of the LZ 127 Zeppelin and displays this Airships flight to Egypt, which took place from March 24th to the 28th, 1929. Eckener was a central figure in the Zeppelin Company, which later constructed the Hindenburg, the largest Airship ever flown.

The LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin made it’s journey to Egypt successfully, while the Hindenburg exploded from use of flammable hydrogen gas, killing 36 of the 127 people aboard and effectively ending the era of the Airship.

For Eckener the number 127 must have held a great deal of karma.

Today, this lovely silver medal is valued at nearly $675, more than twice it’s approximate value just five short years ago.

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