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WiMAX over Wi-Fi May Take Catalog Everywhere

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Robert Morrow
, writing in Science, brings us good news of a broader future network for mobile internet connection. WiMAX is a microwave carried system similar to our current Wi-Fi, but with much more power.

If you are familiar with Wi-Fi use, say through your laptop computer or Nintendo DS game system, you know that distance is always a concern. You have to be close to the wireless transmission base to get good clear service. With WiMAX it looks like you can go for miles.

Morrow sees a future, maybe in 3-5 years, where we will have subscription WiMAX service, similar to current cell phone offerings, making it possible for you to log onto your favorite internet site on a laptop during a family driving trip, while at a show or convention, or when stopping off at a coin or antique shop on the other side of your state or country or the other side of the globe.

For coin collectors this would be a great boon! A collector or dealer could log on to NumisMaster and have four hundred plus years of coinage information available for quick searching anywhere, anytime. More compact and useful information, available in a flash makes for better buying and selling decisions for the sharp techy folks who make use of these advances. NumisMaster and WiMAX could be a great combination! Building our hobby through technology, I love it!

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  1. Koichi Ito says:

    Science is wonderful thing. All I know about is most countries which is Science Savy. These Countries has higher standard of living, earns higher income, better health care, lower crime rate, and live longer! Which means that Science is good for you!

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