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We Arrive in Berlin and Hit the Ground Running

TMkplogo.gifGetting Acquainted with the City

Hi, and happy Tuesday night from Berlin, Germany! Our adventurous band of four, Scott Tappa, Lisa Bellavin, David Harper and I have arrived safely at the Estrel Hotel where the World Money Fair is gearing up and preparing for public opening later in the week.


Out travels went smoothly, except for some serious and extensive turbulence between Detroit and New York. The flight across the northern Atlantic was a breeze and we all got much more rest that we did during last years flight.


DSC03252.JPGAfter settling in at the hotel, getting freshened up and reassembling in the lobby, the four of us toured around town on foot and by elevated Metro Train. I dawdled continually and almost lost my travel mates at a few points. Their constant comment was, “Where’s Tom?”  I think they had had enough of my lagging when we came across Humboldt University and there was an open air book market. I spent too much time looking through the books, as usual, and didn’t catch up with them for several blocks.  


A few of the sites we visited with numismatic ties include, the Soviet War Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate, Humboldt University and the Radio Tower. tower.JPGAll of these places tie in to personalities, statuary, or structures featured on coins.


Let’s have some fun. The first person to comment on this posting and correctly name four coins, with Country and KM number, which tie directly to those four places wins a one year subscription to NumisMaster, compliments of Big Ideas, little world, NumisMaster and the Standard Catalog of World Coins. The last person to name four correctly, before 8:00 am CST on Wednesday February 11th gets the consolation prize, a current 3rd edition of the Standard Catalog of  World Coins 2001-Date.

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2 Responses to We Arrive in Berlin and Hit the Ground Running

  1. Dorota says:

    Great, Thank you for all news from Berlin.
    Now the coins.
    Soviet War Memorial is featured on KM#106, German Democratic Republic 10 Mark, 1985 "40th Anniversary Liberation" from Fascism and on Y#135.1, Russia 1 Rouble, 1965 " 20 thAnniversary of WWII Victory" but this monument is located in Treptow Park in Berlin not in Tiergarten which is shown on your picture.
    Humboldt University is featured on KM#107, German Democratic Republic, 10 Mark 1985 " 175th Anniversary of Humboldt University".
    Radio Tower is featured on KM#51, German Democratic Republic, 10 Mark 1974 "25th Anniversary of DDR".
    Brandenburg Gate is featured on KM#177, German Federal Republic, 10 Mark 1991" Grman Unity" coin and again on 10, 20 &50 cent since 2002 to present KM#210,KM#211, KM#212.
    German Democratic Republic featured it on KM#138, 20 MARK 1990 "Opening of Brandenburg Gate".

  2. tom says:

    Hi Dorota,

    Looks like you did an excellent job! When I return to Iola next week I will announce both winners and pass out both prizes. Congrats in advance on winning the first one!


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