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Update on British Commonwealth

As a follow-up to my posting on building a British Commonwealth numismatic library, I’l like to mention the British Commonwealth Numismatic Forum. My friend in numismatics, Aidan Work, clued me into this site and I think anyone actively involved in collecting this area would both enjoy and gain knowledge by stopping by for a visit. This is a nicely tended forum, which uses a Real Name policy to keep out spammers. If you’re interested in British Commonwealth coinage, I think you’ll like the experience!

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One Response to Update on British Commonwealth

  1. Aidan Work says:

    Here’s a link depicting a piece that should be listed in ‘Unusual World Coins’; http://shw.fotopages.com/12252301/pandangan-belakang.html .

    It is depicting one of the gold 1 Dinar coins dated AH1427 (2007) that was issued by the State of Kelantan,which is located in northern Malaysia.

    These coins are historic in the sense that these are the first Kelantanese coins that have been issued since coming under British protection in 1909.

    In addition to the 1 Dinar,there is also a 1/2 Dinar & a 1/4 Dinar.A silver Dirham is also planned.

    Here’s an article about the Kelantanese Dinar; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelantanese_dinar .


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