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Tibet Coins at Hirsch Auction

TMWhere.gifTMgavel.gifGreat Tibet Selections in This Weeks Hirsch Auction 264

Hidden away in the Gerhard Hirsch Auction 264 scheduled to close November 24 & 25 this week are a small grouping of very interesting coins of Tibet. There is a rare Y#9 silver Srang dated CD 1 (1909) in fine condition, with nice eye appeal, plus a few select group lots well worth a look.

02263-WWW.jpgOf most interest to specialists in this area of numismatics however, may be lot 2263, which offers a copper strike of a right facing bust version of the Rupee trade coin. This may be a pattern, a fantasy piece or a counterfeit, but whatever it is I find it most curious and captivating. Readers, if you can clarify the origins and qualities of this piece, please click on the comment box and speak up.

Check out the Tibet lots, as well as all the other wonderful offerings for the Hirsch Auction 264 at their website, www.coinhirsch.de

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  1. Wolfgang Bertsch says:

    The Sichuan Rupee in copper which is described as "Probemünze" in the Hirsch Nachf. sale is a very common forgery which was available in China about five years ago, not in copper, but in what pretends to be silver, for about 1 $ each.
    In some Chinese books similar pieces are illustrated, but mostly described as dubious. Hence the Hirsch-piece is a recent copy of a dubious earlier piece.

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