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The Counterfeiters

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The Counterfeiters

The Counterfeiters is an outstanding true story film covering the Jewish tradesman concentration camp point of view of the Nazi German attempt to counterfeit the English pound and American Dollar during World War II. It’s a topic known to most paper money collectors and numismatists, but even those who are familiar with the counterfeit British 5 pound notes will most likely find The Counterfeiters both compeling and informative.

This Stefan Ruzowitsky directed film tells the story from the point of view of the mastermind counterfeiter Sally Sorowitsch, played exquisitely by Karl Markovics, who chose to lend his talents to the Nazi scheme in order to survive. Supporting characters emphazie the ironies of this complex story, leaving the viewer with much to think about after viewing this film. I particularly enjoyed the interplay between those with ideals and those with personal survival instincts. The combination of these elements in Sorowitsch is a central theme and gives this confined tale all the twists and turns a modern veiwer demands.

At the center of The Counterfeiters is a three way tug of war of the wills between Sorowitsch, his colotype man Adolph Burger, played by August Diehl and the German project commander Sturmbannführer Friedrich Herzog, played by Devid Striesow. Burger, who was a special consultant to the film, helping to give The Counterfeiters the passion and detail that make it such an excellent piece. The extras on the DVD provide both background infornation and an interview with Burger.

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