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Price updating for Danish India – Tranquebar

TMupdown.gif Prices Going Up For Tranquebar

This week I have been working on upgrading the values in our India-Danish Tranquebar or Trankebar section, with the expert advice of numismatist Olav Sejeroe. Values on these scarce, crude, Tran3obv.jpgprimarily lead and copper issues have gone up, up, up in the years since we published the 3rd edition of the Standard Catalog of Wolrd Coins 1601-1700. In the interim Olav’s website has has proved to be an excellent resource for collectors, allowing everyone to keep up with his ongoing research advancements.

For some of the types we formerly listed only as Rare, Olav has nowtran3rev.jpg been able to determine values. Some duplicated listings have been cleaned up and removed. Better descriptions have been added where needed and some varieties which are no longer of significance financially have been deleted.

Olav’s work should make these fascinating coins a bit easier to understand for the average collector. Check out this revision now at NumisMaster and keep an eye out for the new 4th edition SCWC 1601-1700 coming this fall from KPbooks.

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  1. Koichi Ito says:

    You can ask India Government Mint for information on coins of India by phone or email, and also you can send letter to India Government Mint in either Calcutta or Mumbai. You can ask for more recent coins from the mint too!

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