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Precious Metals Analysis – Gold Bench Marks

TM-NEWS.gifInteresting Analysis of Gold and Silver Trends

Here’s a quick recommendation. Check out Merv Burak’s article from March 23rd on The Market Oracle website. Burak wisely has taken some time during this precious metals consolidation period to examine the upward climb with an eye towards benchmarks and pivotal points. In particular, he points to $885 and $840 as primary up-trend spots in Golds ascent since about the middle of last year.

I recall that Gold was just under $800 for a period last November and sits just above $900 today, representing a $100 rise in about five months. With the last few weeks consolidation trimming off roughly $90 after Gold’s peak of about $1030, it is definitely a good time to reflect and consider options and possibilites.

As always, I suggest that you read as much as you can and consider carefully before investing your hard fought earnings. This is as true for investment as it is for numismatic collecting.

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