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No Man's Land


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No Man’s Land


The world has always had its fair share of geographic, ethnic and religious conflicts. Sometimes it escalates to war. Greed for territory after the breakup of Yugoslavia and an intense ethnic hatred between Bosnians and Serbians lead to one of the cruelest wars of the late 20th Century, a war which put a name to actions and attitudes the are ageless. Ethnic Cleansing and the desire to create “pure” ethnic or religious states has become a norm in the world today, which makes many of us live and let live types very sad.


No Man’s Land
is a tale of the Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian war of the early 1990’s. The story finds a Bosnian and a Serbian wounded and thrown together in a trench between the two enemies lines. The circumstances begin complicated and get more so when a third party is introduced, both front lines become aware of the lost men, the UN is notified and finally international news reporters arrive. It’s a very serious story, with touches of ironic humor, which moves along quickly and leaves the viewer with a sense of the intensity of military conflicts based on ethno-religious beliefs. When hatred wins out over humanity, everything turns ugly.

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