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New 2001-Date Standard Catalog Released

3rd Edition Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date

It’s finally here! This week we got the first sample copies back from the printer of KP books newest numismatic volume, the 2009 Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date 3rd edition. This youngest of the SCWC Century volumes is up over 430+ pages now and has quickly become the mainstay of the modern issue coin collector.

Z1834.jpgNew dates on existing types, new circulation coins, brand new commemorative issues and lot’s of price changes give this new edition solid value for the enthusiast. I was very pleased with the work we were able to put into this volume, with the market as hot as it is we still managed to get the gold and silver coin values in line, while adding in nearly 50 pages of new coinage. That’s about a 12.5% increase in data, plus we continued this years SCWC big bonus of an added DVD of the entire catalog, so you can now have the Standard Catalog available on your home computer or laptop in a digital form for quick searching to augment the traditional paper catalog. That’s the 2001-Date SCWC in pdf page format, the DVD catalog that so many people have been clamoring to get, included with every copy of the bound catalog you purchase.

And speaking of purchasing, the2009 3rd edition SCWC 2001-Date should be available from coin dealers and coin supply houses in the not too distant future, or you can order direct from the KP Bookstore right now. In fact, I asked my good friend Toni over in marketing if we could offer a special deal to all you Big Ideas, little world readers and here’s what the two of us cooked up.

If you order the new 2009 3rd edition Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date (item No. #Z1834) online through the KP Bookstore
, on or before midnight June 26th and use the Big Ideas, little world special discount Coupon Code NB28,
you will receive a 20% discount off the $35 cover price.

That brings your cost down to $28.00 for this brand new edition! Consider it a big “Thank You” from me and Toni to you!

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5 Responses to New 2001-Date Standard Catalog Released

  1. If my memory serves me correct, isn’t Krause going to sell the DVD’s by themselves?

    By the way – I just purchased the 2009 edition of the 20th Century book with DVD, and found the DVD easy to use. Good job, Tom and the experts at Krause.

  2. tom says:

    Yes, the DVD will be available later as a stand alone product. I’ll look up the price and release date tomorrow morning and post it as a comment here.

  3. Koichi Ito says:

    New Catalogue for Coins of World. Which cover coins issued from 2001 to 2009. This is issue for 2009 price of these coins listed on catalogue.

  4. Hello Tom – Will there be a new version of the 19th Century catalog coming out? And regarding DVD’s – will there be a 18th Century catalog version?

  5. tom says:

    Hi Michael,

    I checked with the magazine division, who are releasing some of the seperate DVD packages for the SCWC, and find that the 2001-Date will only be available in the book + DVD package. They have no plans to release the DVD seperately.

    Regards the 19th Century catalog, we did a three disc DVD set in 2007 which included the 19th, 20th and 21st catalogs. This should still be available through our bookstore. The cost was about $100. The 6th edition 1801-1900 is on the shecdule for next summer with a fall 2009 release. Plans are to release this catalog with a DVD enclosed and a $5 bump in the cover price.

    The 4th edition of the 17th Century catalog, to which we are currently making revisions, will be released with a DVD enclosed and plans are that when we complete a 5th edition of the 1701-1800 catalog, it too will inlcude a DVD.

    Thanks for reading Big Ideas, little world, and for bringing up such excellent questions for clarification!


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