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Media Forum – Portuguese Mint Coins for 2009


Portuguese Stportugal vasco de gama.jpgate Mint – 2009 Coins


The Portuguese State Mint program for 2009, as presented by Antonio Verdasca, Sales and Marketing Manager for the mint, is both modern iportugal belem.jpgn design and traditional in theme. A gold series for Portuguese history will feature the immortal explorer Vasco de Gama in a rather modern design. The UNESCO coins follow this same path with coins for the Monastery of Jeronimos and the popular Tower of Belem, each in 2.5 Euro denominations struck in silver proof and copper-nickel pieces. Portugal will also focus on coin designs of the past in their Numismatic Treasures series and offer an attractive Ribbon Dancer theme on a 2 Euro coin for the 2009 Lusophony Games.portugal jeronimos.jpg


All Euro countries will be issuing a commemorative 2 portugal lusophony.jpgEuro to celebrate 10 years of economic and monetary union. These coins have a very simple design featuring a stick figure drawing incorporating the Euro symbol. Each issue will display the home countries name above the stick figure drawing and thier common obverse for the 2 Euro commemoratives. The interesting thing to watch for on these 2 Euros is the edge lettering. On the Portuguese type the edge will show five coats of arms and seven castles eaqually spaced. Several of the other countries issue of this type will feature an edge lettering unique to that country, while some will portugal pessoa.jpguse a generic denomination style edge lettering with 2** portugal greece.jpgrepeating. 


The subjects of languages and literature will highlight Portugal’s entries into the European Cultural series. These two coin designs will be issued in silver proof and uncirculated strikes, denominated 2.5 Euro to honor Luis de Camoes and Fernando Pessoa for their impact on literature and language. Pessoa was a seminal figure in the modernist movement in literature, with heavy emphasis on his groundbreaking poetry.

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