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Media Forum – Nordic Mint Coins for 2009

TMglobe.gifNordic Mints – 2009 Coins


finland porvoo.jpgThe Nordic Mints join together many coin issuing countries in Northern Europe, all with fine individual traditions. Maarit Aarni-Sirvioe, Chief Executive Officer of the Nordic Mints presented their programs for this year, which included a pair of 200th Anniversary coins from Finland, one in gold for the Diet of Porvoo and the other commemorating Finland’s break from Sweden in 1809 when it became a Grand Duchy of Russia. If you happen to visiting Finland this spring, learn more about the history of the 1809 break-up, Napoleonic wars and Sweden’s war with Russia at the National Museum of Finland.


swedish krona rev2.jpgSweden is issuing a circulating commemorative krona for the same 1809 break with Finland, so we in the coin community will be able to acquire both perspectives on a pair of coins making a complete set of the subject. The special reverse for this krona was designed by Annie Winblad Jakubowski to symbolize the water seperating these two countries. A silver coin for the 200th Anniversary of the Foundingfinland paciusa.jpg of the Council of State is also scheduled for 2009 and the Lighthouse series from Finland will continue with a new 2009 strike. The Father of Finnish Music and composer of the Finnish National Anthem, Fredrik Pacius, will be honored on a silver 10 Euro coin in 2009. It’s the 200th anniversary of his birth. Pacius was actually born in Hamburg, Germany, but lived most of his adult life, from 25 years on, in Finland.


hamsun1.jpgNorway author, Knut Hamsun, will be at the center of Norways commemorative program for 2009. A 200 Krone silver proof coin for the 150th Anniversary of his Birth was released at the World Money Fair forhamsun2.jpg this Nobel Prize winner. The intricate reverse of this coin was designed by Enzo Finger and features a portrait, signature, anniversary dates and notes from Hamsun’s novel Gowth of the Soil.

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