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Hobo Euro Juan Carlos to Homer Simpson

TM-NEWS.gifSpanish Simpson Hobo Euro Coin

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A Spanish sweet shop owner from Aviles discovered a nicely crafted Hobo Nickel style reworked Spanish Euro coin in the till recently while counting through the change. The artist altered King Juan Carlos from the obverse of a 2001 KM1046 Euro coin into Homer Simpson, leaving the rest of the obverse and reverse alone and as struck.

big homer.jpgThis is the first such alteration I have seen on a circulating Euro coin. A fun extension of the Hobo Nickel tradition and one which has caught some bloggers attention. Several blog postings at other sites are centering in on other restyling ideas for their own coinage, including some creative notions for U.S. coinage.

The shop owner and discoverer of the reworked Euro, Jose Martinez, has been offered 20 Euro for the coin. I guess that would be our base value, but I am sure Martinez could do better offering the coin on eBay, where the Hobo Nickel Society folks would be able to participate in a bidders battle, even though the artists execution leaves a bit to be desired on closer examination.

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  1. Koichi Ito says:

    If you can make Juan Carlos Euro into Homer Simpson Euro coins. Then why not make Homer Simpson Commemorative Coins? We want to have Homer Simpson Commemorative Coins in near future!

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