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Gold Turns Upward Again

TM-NEWS.gifGold on the Rise Again After Four Day Slump

After half a weeks worth of falling prices in gold, the precious metal of choice has finally turned arround and is rising once again. Poised to have a good chance of cracking $800 again before the Thanksgiving holiday, gold is making it’s progress on a weakening dollar.

After a good strong run against the Euro, the Dollar is now faultering again and has fallen to an alltime low. A weakness that will most likely effect the black-friday, post-Thanksgiving shopping spree for many Americans. Black-friday always sets the pace for retail business and is a bell weather for economic expectations in the coming year. Cyber-Monday, the internet shopping version of the brick and mortar black-friday, has also become a good indication of realistic economic trends, as well as a wonderful time for hackers, so be careful.

Crude oil
is also on the rise again and other commodities will probably gain ground with investors if the dollar continues it’s slide.

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