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Counterfeiting for the Beautiful People

Beauty Queen Counterfeiter

A former New Jersey beauty pageant contestant and 2007 Miss North Wildwood winner is in hot water for passing counterfeit $50 banknotes that she may have had a hand in making. Ashley Fuhrmeister has been released on her own recognizance. Ashley’s mother, Kelly A. Nowacky and a third person, John Laughlin were also arrested and are still in jail having not been able to make their bail as of this posting.

Paper money counterfeiting is a tough business nowadays, even in the U.S. While many world banknotes feature copious amounts of anti-counterfeiting devices on their notes, the United States has been cautious about adding too many to our banknotes. A quick check of the BEP site indicates that only a handful of the features which are micro_50_new.jpgbeing developed by other companies world-wide are found on U.S. banknotes. Specifics on the security devices used on the $50 banknote, such as the micro printing illustrated here, can be found on the BEP site by clicking here. As friend and fellow blogger George Cuhaj tells me, it has been a slow and difficult process bringing U.S. banknotes up to speed regards anti-counterfieting devices.

In the meantime, I guess even beauty queens think copying U.S. banknotes is a managable endeavor. Maybe it’s time to put more efforts into making the U.S. banknote more fundamentally sound, to discourage such thinking.

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  1. Bruce Walker says:

    Released on her own recognizance when she was the one who passed the bills? Released while others had $15,000.00 bonds held over them? Just goes to show how a nice smile can really open doors for a 21 year-old blonde, in this case the door on a jail cell. Then again, maybe her evil mother paid her in fifty dollar bills for scrubbing the kitchen floor before she headed off to the ball, and she had "LIKE TOTALY NO IDEA" the currency was bogus.

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