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COTY Awards Announced

TM-NEWS.gifMongolian Wolverine Wins Coin of the Year

berlin2.jpgOnly about a week now until our little band of four, Lisa Bellavin, Dave Harper, Scott Tappa and myself travels to Berlin for this years World Money Fair. It’s been a busy few weeks of preparations for the show, scheduling meetings, exploring special side trips and planning for big events like the Media Forum and the Coin of the Year (COTY) awards ceremony. Hard work, but well worth the time invested to be sure we get everything we can accomplished at the worlds most dazzling coin show.

Mon wolv.jpgOn the COTY front, big news this week, as the 10 catagory winners and the top COTY overall winner were all announced. A stunningly sculpted silver 500 Tugrik of Mongolia featuring a full-on face of a Wolverine, with diamond eyes, took the top COTY honors. The coin was struck by Mayer Mint, who will have a team, lead by mint President Alex Wegner, on hand at the World Money Fair to receive the award. I’m looking forward to meeting Mr. Wegner andMon arms.jpg his team as Mayer Mint has held such an important place in numismatics for so many generations its like an icon to our hobby. Look carefully and you will find Mayer Mint coins and medals all over the globe.


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  1. Fred J Borgmann says:

    Best wishes for a safe trip to the little band of four numisketeers. Fred

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