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Celtic Coins Found in Maastricht

TM-NEWS.gifMetal Detector Discovers Gold & Silver in Maastricht

TMWhere.gifA nice grouping of Celtic gold and silver coins were uncovered over the past half year outside Maastricht in a farmers field. One lucky metal dectecting treasure hunter, Paul Curfs, first located one gold coin last spring and since then, many more have been located in the same area by a group of Archaeologists and metal detector enthusiasts working side by side. 

All together 39 gold and 70 silver coins were uncovered, the major portion of which will go on display this week at Centre Ceramique Museum in Maastricht, Amsterdam, Netherlands. It’s wonderfully encouraging to have Archaeologists and Hobbyists working together on historical numismatic finds such as this and I would hope that we will see more such efforts in the future!

Archaeologists lend the insight that the two coin types from this cache were struck while the various Celtic Tribes fought against Julius Ceasar. The silver coins are from a different Tribe than the gold pieces, which may back up the idea that Celtic Tribes banded together for strength in their defense against the Roman armies of Ceasar.

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  1. Koichi Ito says:

    These Gold and Silver Celtic Coins founded in Maastricht near Amsterdam, Netherland will be available in coin store? If so where I could purchase one of these coins?

  2. tom says:

    These particular finds will be in a museum, but you can order other Celtic coins from Liz Cottam at http://www.celticcoins.com

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