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20th & 21st Century SCWC Book DVD Special

Standard Catalog with DVD Combo Deal

Oh, oh, here’s another deal that Toni and I have cooked up for my readers! It’s a pair of package deals combining KP’s two most recent releases, both of which now contain DVD versions of the catalog along with the printed books.

Z1833.jpgHere goes – if you order both new Standard Catalog of World Coins books – the 20th Century SCWC covering 1901-2000 and the 21st Century SCWC covering 2001 to Date – together – from the KP book site, using these links and Coupon Code NB38, you’ll get $15.00 off the combined cover price of the two books.

That’s both catalogs, including the pdf file DVD’s for both books, in one package deal for $80.00.

Toni says we can keep this deal running right through the entire month of July, so order before midnight on July 31st and you’re all set.

The second special deal is even better, but you’ll have to act a bit more quickly. Order the same two books – the 20th Century SCWC covering 1901-2000 and the 21st Century SCWC covering 2001 – Date – togetherZ1834.jpg from the krausebooks site using these links and Coupon Code NNSP1 – before July 14th and you can get the pair for $77.50.

It’s Toni’s way of telling you not to procrastinate! Order in the first half of July and save $17.50 on these newest volumes of the SCWC series or wait until the second half of the month and still save $15.00 beacuse Toni wants you to be a happy hobbyist, even if you are a procrastinator!

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