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Editorially Yours


Numismatic News was meant to be a paper published for collectors, by a collector. Chet valued his readers’ (who he viewed as his peers) input so he established a regular correspondence with them through their letters to the editor, and his return editorial columns. Chet’s diverse writings covered everything from local coin finds, to the exploits of the Milwaukee Braves. Here are two excepts from 1954, when the News  was still in its infancy.

Monday, March 1, 1954

Editorially Yours

The past month has brought us many new subscribers and many appreciated comments relative to the News. All are truly appreciated.

This month has marked the opening of a small office to be used exclusively in connection with this publication and will after March first have a full time employee in it.  This together with the time yours truly will spend here should help in giving you our best.

Which reminds us. This article is the first to be written in this office and we gave a tentative promise to our village fathers we would insert a plug for them this month. These rooms were formerly occupied by a dentist, but with his moving back to his native state, it leaves us without a fellow who makes a living looking down in the mouth. That ought to be enough of that. Just write if you are interested. Central Wisconsin is a beautiful place.

Monday, September 6, 1954

Editorially Yours

Hello, once again as you read this edition of the News the turmoil of putting out this 24 page edition will have died down here in Iola. As this is being written however, things are in what could be described as a great state of confusion, as we did not expect our little gossip sheet to reach quite such a proportion for the month of September.

This issue marks the 24th month we have been printing this newspaper and is something of an anniversary with us, as it was 2 years ago this Labor Day that the first letters were written to the coin club secretaries asking their opinions of starting a newsprint publication dealing in coins. The answers received were very favorable and our first single sheet issue was mailed October 13, 1952.

A recent caller to our village relates that he had in the past year and a half a look over about $25,000 worth of Silver Dollars. These were from 57 central Wisconsin banks. From these he selected about 75 coins, that would be graded fine and better, about 2 dozen CC coins of the years 1891-92 and about another dozen of CC coins of various years. The only real rarity found was a 1903-O in about V.G. condition.

What do you think of the Milwaukee Braves? I recall last spring while listening to a TV production in N.Y. City that they wouldn’t admit that Milwaukee had a baseball team. Maybe they still don’t out loud, but we think they are pretty good.