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Online Advertising Guide

Display Advertising Options

Generally speaking, online display ads—also called banner ads—are comparable to traditional magazine or newspaper ads, but with the added benefit of a user being able to click on the ad and go directly to the advertiser’s website. Also unlike a print ad, banner ads often use animation, multiple designs, sound and video to attract attention.

In addition to driving website traffic, banner advertising is heavily used to create or enhance advertiser branding.

Whether branding a new or existing business or introducing a one-of-a-kind product, KP offers advertisers a variety of banner ad sizes and placement options that allow their messages to reach our highly-targeted online audience.


View SizesBanner ads are sold on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis. Please contact your rep to get the latest number of impressions available. To determine the price of your ad choose the number of impressions you want your ad to receive (10K minimum); then reference the chart for your rate based on the ad size and CPM. Example: If you buy a leaderboard ad at $12 CPM and want 15,000 impressions, your cost would be $12 x 15k = $180


Size (pixels)



300 x 250



120 x 600



728 x 90



428 x 60



125 x 125


* limited availability


Savailable on these sites:
Numismatic News

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