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DEB Specifications

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Online Advertising Guide

Dedicated Email Broadcast (DEB) placement procedure:

Customer and Ad Rep communicate to establish a specific date or time frame in which to send the DEB. Please note: DEBs can NOT be scheduled fewer than 4 business days in advance of the desired date. Please plan accordingly.

Once a date is agreed upon, the Ad Rep reserves the DEB date with the KP Online staff and supplies the Customer with the DEB specs (see below). The creative is due from the client 5 days prior to broadcast date. The Customer and Ad Rep work together to supply the following information when submitting creative to the Online Staff:

Broadcast Date:

Client/Business Name:

Test Recipient’s Email Addresses (list up to 4):
• email #1:
• email #2:
• email #3:
• email #4:

Subject Line (select one):
1. Special Message from Advertiser XYZ and Numismatic Update*
2. Auction Alert from Advertiser XYZ and Numismatic Update
3. Product Info from Advertiser XYZ and Numismatic Update
4. New Product(s) from Advertiser XYZ and Numismatic Update
5. Extra Savings from Advertiser XYZ thru Numismatic Update
6. Exclusive Offer from Advertiser XYZ for Numismatic Update Readers

*If no Subject Line is selected, option 1. will be used as the default.


If creative is supplied, the Online Ad staff places it in the Numismatic Update e-newsletter template for testing.

If creative needs to be designed, the creative is forwarded to the KP design team before placement into the template for testing.

Important: Creative must be in the template by 10 a.m. (CST) 2 days prior to release. If changes are requested by the advertiser once the creative is in the template only KP staff can make those changes. This may result in a delay in the release of the email.

Approval: The client should respond directly to the Ad Rep with his/her approval and/or changes. In most cases, if or when a change is needed, please contact your Ad Rep. With proper planning, we should not need to make changes at this point.

DEB Specifications

Maximum file size: 50 KB
Maximum width: 600 pixels
Images: Must be .gif or .jpg format
All Images must be served from advertiser?s website (unless KP creates the broadcast as a service for the advertiser).
CSS: If using CSS in HTML email, styles must be embedded in the HTML. Do not link to an external style sheet. No Flash, Java, JavaScript, ActiveX or automatic downloads.

Maximum word count: 420 Document must be provided in plain text with no rich text formatting.
Header/Footer: KP will insert header and footer information with an unsubscribe link and KP?s mailing address. The ?from? address will be the normal KP email address for newsletters to the selected subscriber list
Tracking: All mailings will have opens tracked