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Take an extra $5 off the STANDARD in paper money pricing!

Take an extra $5 off the discounted price of the ultimate U.S. paper money book

Save an extra $5 on the Standard in U.S. Paper Money Guides

If you stop to really look at that dollar bill in your pocket you’d be amazed to discover a wealth of history represented by every intricate and exact detail featured on both sides of every piece of paper money you come across. That’s what makes the new edition of Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money a must-have, for anyone with even a passing interest in U.S. currency. There is a story and more within every note, and you’ll discover that and so much more when you have the Standard!

The new edition of this popular paper money book contains color photos of notes from 1812 to the present, along with extensive details for everything from large and small currency and silver and gold certificates, to fractional currency, and much more.

Plus, through this Deal of the Day you’ll save an extra $5 on top of the already discounted price for Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money at ShopNumisMaster.com With the Deal of the Day discount you’ll save $16.40 off the retail price of this superb paper money book, and you’ll pay just $15.59. .

RETAIL: $31.99
ONLINE: $20.59


HOW TO GET IT: Enter Promo Code DEAL915 for an extra $5 off the new edition Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money.

This offer is good until 11:59pm ET Sept. 15, 2011.

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