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Buy 1 month access to NumisMaster, Get a 2nd month Free!

1-month access to NumisMaster

Buy 1 month access to NumisMaster, get a 2nd month FREE

We’ve been there, you find yourself trying to identify a coin or determine its value without a lot of details to go on, except the basics and the design of the coin. That’s all you need to find out what you want to know about those coins, when you use NumisMaster.com. As the premiere online coin database NumisMaster can connect you with more than 1 million coin details, including photos and values, and allow you to create a virtual online inventory of your collection; and all this with just a few key strokes and clicks of a mouse.

Plus, with today’s Deal of the Day when you buy a 1-month membership to NumisMaster.com you’ll get a 2nd month for free.

DEAL OF THE DAY PRICE: FREE 2nd month of NumisMaster

HOW TO GET IT: Enter Promo Code DEAL107 when you subscribe to 1-month of NumisMaster to receive a 2nd month for FREE, with this Deal of the Day offer.

This offer is only available at ShopNumisMaster.com and it is only good until 11:59pm ET Oct. 8, 2011. After purchasing your 1-month membership you will receive an email within 24 hours of your purchase, with a Promo Code to enter at NumisMaster.com when you complete your membership.

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