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Pardon the lack of postings

Sorry for not posting for a while.

I was not on vacation, ill or otherwise detained.

It has just been a very busy time in the office with a special project taking away from what would have been research and catch up time, in addition to a move of our cube and contents to a new location (with a window, which give me the opportunity to be distracted by a chipmonk or two and a bunch of small birds.)

In addition, our Gold Book and 19th Century coin books require final editing and indexing; and did I get to mention that the 11th edition of the Specialized World Paper Money book is also soon to go to press, and I have had to deal with some unexpected computer server / data base issues with that product.

So, although countries have been issuing new series of notes, and at least one country has converted over to polymer, I have been keeping track of these changes for the catalog, but have been focused elsewhere, away from the blog. Thanks for your understanding.


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