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New Color Fives hit small-town America !

Waupaca County already had examples of the color $5.00 bill on Monday, with tellers at the First National Bank office in the county seat of Waupaca ready to distribute examples to customers (me) who were requesting them. Those I received were from the IB block of the NYC Fed (B2), printed in Fort Worth from face plate 5, 6, and 7).Fives001.jpg

On Tuesday, I asked the tellers at the Iola branch of the Premier Bank. I received again (IB) block from (B2), and Face plate examples of 5, 6, 7, 8. However, looking at the range of serial numbers (and the abundance of zeros), I noticed that I was 1000 numbers away form a nice radar note. Sadly, the bank did not have it. So I have a note which is one (central) digit from being a nice radar.

Oh well. The bills are nice.




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  1. monte blackwood says:

    i received in change today, june 2 2008, a new five dollar bill. it is dated clearly series 2006. is this correct.by24u

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