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Irish Free State cardboard sample coinage

I often look for odd photos. Recently while on an internet auction site, I cam across a 1920 news service 8×10 featuring sample “coinage” designs for the Irish Free State.IrishFreeState005.jpg

This is a International News Service 7×9 photo with the caption: “Here is a reproductionof some of the gold pieces and other currency to be issued by the New Irish Free State. Gaelic inscription will replace the old english wording, although the coin denomination will coordinate with the British coinage value. Dated March 1, 1922”

At first I thought these were cardboard examples of coin denominations done hastely to replace British coins. Then I thoguht about it further, and have decided that they are probably cardboard coins to be used in training purposes due to the language change.

Sadly they do not look like the issued coins. It was decided to hold an international design compeition for the circulation designs, which featured an Irish Harp on the obverse and native animals on the reverse.


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  1. Chris Budesa says:


    please see the web-site below. The pieces were not transitional or patterns. Rather, they were tokens used at a British Run Internment Camp for IRA prisioners in the early 1920’s.


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