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Anniversary !

Well, August 11 was my 15th Anniversary of employment in Iola with Krause Publications.

It is nearly four times longer than my time at Stack’s, and a year short of twice as long as I was with the American Numismatic Society.

Has it been what I expected? No, but what job is.

Has it been good for me? You Bet.

Hope it has been good for you!


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  1. Bob Lemke says:

    Congratulations, George!

    I doubt that, other then those whose workload you inherited, there was anybody at KP as please as I was to welcome you on your first day. It was a great move to add somebody to the staff who was both a numismatist and a collector (and there IS a difference).

    I’m sure the culture shock of moving from metropolitan New York to small town Wisconsin was formidable, but I’m glad you persevered.

    Bob Lemke

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