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COTY 2010


Most Historically Significant

Kazakhstan Mint
100 Tenge, silver
Genghis Khan

Best Contemporary Event

Bank of Israel
10 New Shequalim, silver
Israel’s 60th anniversary


Best Gold Coin

Bank of Latvia,
20 Lati, gold
Coin of Latvia


Best Silver Coin

German Federal Ministry of Finance 10 Euro, silver
Franz Kafka


Best Crown Coin

Austrian Mint
10 Euro, silver
The Abbey of Klosterneuberg

Best Trade Coin

Central Bank of Cyprus
2 Euro, bi-metallic
Ancient Statue Cross


Most Popular Coin

United States Mint
1 Dollar, silver
American Eagle

Most Artistic Coin

National Bank of Poland
200 Zlotych, gold
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


Most Innovative Coin

Austrian Mint
25 Euro, silver
Fascination Light

Most Inspirational Coin

Royal Canadian Mint
2,500 Dollars, gold
Towards Confederation