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e-Letters: March 31, 2021

From the March 19 Numismatic News E-Newsletter

What’s your level of comfort with attending coin shows as they begin to open up?

Very likely to attend the coin shows.

Asim Saddal
Chicago, Ill.

I feel comfortable going to coin shows. I have been immunized.

John Carney
Address withheld

I think that I am beginning to feel comfortable coming to coin shows. I had plans for last fall and had to cancel, and the hotel wouldn’t refund my first night! I feel that I would probably feel comfortable along mid-summer or at least by fall. Of course, there is always something that “comes up” that makes me more timid.

Mike Branch
Mineralwells, W. Va.

Have absolutely no qualms in attending any coin show near me.

This includes Maine in the summertime.

Frank Trask
Ocala, Fla.

I set up at three shows per month in Ohio and get good response about my inventory. Everyone is wearing a mask even though they have had both vaccines.

Address withheld

I have little interest in coin shows altogether. Besides, if the spread of COVID-19 is not completely halted, who in their right mind would subject themselves to a coin-show-sardine-can-like get-together? The internet has always sufficed for my coin needs and wants. And I’ve found that the shows I’ve attended in the past are generally not unlike a “used car salesman” convention. Rubbing elbows with these sorts with the added enhancement and enticement of catching a deadly virus certainly is not my cup of tea and/or idea of a fun or good time.

Steve McGowan
Algonac, Mich.

I had avoided all public gatherings including any local coin shows. I buy only through coin shows, so I put collecting on hold for a year. Now that I’m vaccinated, I’m ready to go back. I will be much more aware of hand-hygiene and avoiding closeness to people, and I’m willing to continue wearing a mask, but I’m ready to return to coin shows.

Randy Carey
St. Paul, Minn.

My comfort level is fine. As long as everyone is wearing some type of face covering and using hand sanitizer/washing their hands, then I’m fine.

Conner Hopfer
Address withheld

I am happy to go to a coin show. I am passed ready.

Virgil T.
Middle Tennessee

I feel very comfortable attending the coin events.

Esteban Aguerrebere
Naples, Fla.

Open up, open up! But it really depends on what state you live in. Here in Illinois, I believe it’s safe to have them as long as everyone wears a mask and there is safe distancing.

Ken Siuda
Address withheld

I’m ready and willing.

Hoyt Thompson
Hugo, Okla.

Will probably wait until closer to end of year or beginning of next year to attend coin shows.

Lou Alfonso
Address withheld

I am ready. I have had both shots and intend to continue with mask.

Charles Perkins
Salisbury, Md.

I’m ready for coin shows to be back, full speed ahead.

Warren Kennedy
Address withheld

Hoping for a quick return with appropriate safeguards.

John Roddy
Address withheld

I have no problem with coin shows opening all up. Just do it!

Address withheld

I go to shows once in a while for coins about $50 on up. I think shows opening up in more cities would be a good idea. I live in McMinnville, Tenn. I used to enjoy the shows in Murfreesboro, Tenn. But nothing is advertised. Chattanooga and Knoxville are just too far.

Michael Barbera
McMinnville, Tenn.

I am hungry for the social interaction, seeing my friends, attending meetings, going to dinner, hoisting a glass, adding to the collection. ANA! NH Coin Expo! An actual face-to-face! Bring it on!

Bob Fritsch
Nashua, N.H.

I would have attended shows throughout the entire pandemic. I’ve since even worked one. When we conducted the Houston Money Show in January, none of our volunteers or club members in attendance (Greater Houston Coin Club) reported getting COVID, and we did not have a single temperature reading that exceeded our max threshold. Most all patrons wore masks (99 percent or better) and practiced social distancing. Though I understand and respect the virus’ impact on certain people’s lives, I don’t think events like this should have been or should be cancelled if managed properly. If there are people at risk, those people simply need to stay home for their own safety and enjoy modern technology’s offerings online until things are more closely back to normal. So to answer your question in another way, if comfort was like grading with uncomfortable as 1 and comfortable as 70, I’m PR70! PR standing for “Please Reopen.”

Adam L .Spikes
Kingwood, Texas

Can’t wait! I have taken both of my vaccine shots.

Randal Windler
Address withheld

Not comfortable attending until getting both vaccines.

Doug Miller
Lincoln, Neb.

Use some common sense and it will all work. Ready to rock-n-roll.

Carl Bombara
Address withheld

Not going to coin shows while virus is here!

Allen Adleberg
Address withheld

I am fine with opening up these coin shows. We have been kept in the cellar for way too darn long.

William Johnston
Address withheld

My comfort level? Frankly, I don’t have a problem with people wearing a mask. If they think a mask is appropriate for their own health reasons, then “bully for them.” Just don’t expect me to join in their hysteria.

William Seelen
Address withheld

Yes, I would be eager to attend local coin shows in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. There used to be regular monthly and sometimes shows every other week along with a larger regional one that I am very comfortable attending.

Looking forward to them resuming in the state of Minnesota

Dave Larson
Twin Cities, Minn.

I’m a beginner at the coin collecting. I’m also a beginner metal detecting. I’m 46 years old, and I am fascinated by history and the east coast lore. If I could attend some of the shows, I wouldn’t hesitate one second. I would enjoy a show if possible in the near future.

Jason Arling
Warwick, R.I.

Completely comfortable. I will have my second shot on April 1. So, bring on the shows. The last local show in October 2020 had so many capacity rules, the dealers outnumbered the buyers. Hopefully better now. eBay buying and selling has gotten totally out of control. Too many folks who don’t understand the process. All sales final means just that. Looking forward to buying from real dealers, not the wannabes online.

Salisbury, N.C.

Tired of the lockdowns! Open the coin shows!

Craig Fiebiger
Address withheld

As a matter of fact, I feel very comfortable and believe the setting should be very safe. Considering the degree of vaccinations presently and what shall be completed by then including the PPE used by nearly everyone, I expect the show to be safer than in past years.

Daniel Henriquez
Santa Clarita, Calif.

Comfort level is high ... ready to go!

E.P. Arpin
Appleton, Wis.

Yes I would attend!

Tom Mooningham
Maugansville, Md.

I am ready to go!

Joseph Thomas
Address withheld

My wife and I have worked every day of this. Gone out to dinner every Friday night since this.

You think I’m not going to a coin show?!

Lake Dallas, Texas