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Viewpoint: Nous sommes avec vous (we stand with you)

By Tom Robbins

The beautiful Notre Dame.

The beautiful Notre Dame.

In the past, some of our commemoratives benefitted restoration projects such as the Statue of Liberty coins and the Captitol coins.As I sit here watching the Notre Dame burn, an idea came to my mind. The U.S. and France always shared a great love of friendship, of liberty, and helping one another. They helped us in our need. They also gave us the iconic statue that stands in New York harbor. Now it’s our turn to help them.

I envison a half dollar commmemorative to help fund the restoration of Notre Dame, I would only like to see a half dollar to make it affordable to as many people as possible. No gold $5 or silver dollar. On one side is the Statue of Liberty with the phrase “We stand with you” in French, showing how the French people stood unison with our goals of independence. On the other side would be the facade of the Notre Dame cathedral with the words “We stand with you” in English. This would convey to the French people that we stand unison with them in their goals of rebuilding their national treasure.

When I see the Statue of Liberty, I remember and thank the French for giving her to our nation. I hope this coin would do the same. The French would see their Notre Dame rebuilt and remember how America helped bring her to life again. The U.S. Mint and the French Mint would have a joint striking ceremony. The same obverse and reverse would exist on each coin. Mintmarks would only be two in a complete set. One U.S. and one French. Each set would be in UNC, proof , and clad only. There would be a total of four in the entire set, and no mintage limits.

It would be a great gesture of friendship to the French. Of course the surcharges would be sent to France to help in restoration, and the surcharges are not to exceed $5 per coin.

This “Viewpoint” was written by Tom Robbins, a collector from Oquawka, IL.

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