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Viewpoint: Kid really might be a serious buyer

I am and I always will be a numismatist. I am only 11 years of age, going on 12. And I already know my calling for life.
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By Declan Hurley

I am and I always will be a numismatist.

I am only 11 years of age, going on 12. And I already know my calling for life. It is to be the most respected numismatist in the world, and the writer of the best numismatic literature. I want to be the next David Harper, or even Q. David Bowers.

At the moment, by the public’s standards, I’m a little kid. It’s quite proverbial, considering I don’t touch video games, I don’t care what new CD is out, and it doesn’t matter to me who gets drafted by the New Orleans Saints. This is because I’m a coin freak, by the standards of other little kids, or a numismatist to the numismatic community’s standards.

I live coins and paper money. Honestly. I spend every dollar that comes through my hands on some type of numismatic item. To me, it doesn’t matter if it is an 1877 pattern half dollar with Morgan’s respected Lady Liberty design, or if it’s a boring old silver half. It’s just a coin.

The thing that annoys me is that at coin shows some of the dealers hesitate to show me their coins and bills. Sure, they end up letting me see their 1914 $50 Federal Reserve Note in VG-10 protected to its bone with a PMG holder, but they hesitate first, with groaning or whatever. I want to be treated like I’m going to buy something, because I probably am.

See, I’m not your typical “young numismatist.” I make a profit off coins upon resale, and I’m not exactly filling up a wheat cent (not penny) book. I specifically enjoy collecting beautifully engraved large-size currency, such as the Series of 1896 notes, rarer small-size issues, like Gold Certificates, higher end Morgan dollars with PL hints, and American gold coins (preferably pre-1933, with the Indian Head motif).

Well, this is long enough already, and it’s really a rave more than a “Viewpoint” for the respectable David Harper, the writer of editorials I love.

In conclusion, this letter was to say not every person under 18 has gooey fingers and not a single dollar in their pocket. I hope I clarified this, and if you don’t believe how intensely involved in numismatics I am, check out my website:

I hope you enjoyed my letter, all readers of Numismatic News, and I will see you later.

This “Viewpoint” was written by Declan Hurley of Buffalo, N.Y.

Viewpoint is a forum for the expression of opinion on a variety of numismatic subjects.
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