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Viewpoint: Enjoy your numismatic journey

By Bill Tuttle

I received the latest issue of Numismatic News (April 16, 2019) today and started with “Letters” on page 8.I’m directing this letter to the Boy Scout, Carter Sisam, who is in pursuit of furthering his new hobby coin collecting. You can find old coins just about every where you look. 


First place is obvious; your local coin store.But there you will have to pay a price for them. (Of course, you probably already know this.)

Second place is look through your change.Every so often, you might get an old coin fresh from circulation.(I occasionally pick up a few “Wheaties” (Cents [not “Pennies”] minted from 1909 - 1958) and older nickels in change.) Or even go a bank and ask for a few coin rolls--whatever you can afford, (If the rolls are “customer wrapped, there might be some “oldies” in the roll you bought.

Third, my favorite. is search around the Coinstar coin counting machine in your local grocery store/super market.Coinstars reject silver coins, foreign coins, tokens, and anything that does not “fit” the “standard” (modern) US coins, including “Ike” Dollars.(Throughout the years I’ve “hunted around” the “stars” around my neighborhood, I’ve gotten several dollars “face value” of US silver (dimes, quarters, and a few “War Nickels” [35% silver] coins.My most favorite find was a silver 3-cent piece from the 1850’s.Included were a “shield Nickel and several “Indian Head” cents.)Any “modern” US coins that were rejected, I’ve returned to circulation if I didn’t need them in my collection.

Lastly, look on the ground as you walk.There might be a “surprise” in front of you.

As your Scout motto says: “Be Prepared.”And to paraphrase Forrest Gump: “Life is like a box of choc’lates, you never know what [you ’ll find].”

This “Viewpoint” was written by Bill Tuttle, a collector from Cleveland, Ohio..

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