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Tribute to Hobbyist Irene Carrillo

By Michael S. Turrini

As our beloved hobby ages and progresses further into this 21st century, the smartphones or the few remaining old-fashion dial phones or instant emails and texts report the passing of another stalwart for our hobby. Such is the recent passing of Irene Carrillo, of Rodeo, Calif.

Irene was not well-known on the national level, and she was far removed from the august pantheons of the national hobby and its grand assemblages. Yet, like so many – into the thousands and even more – she served, worked, contributed and enjoyed the “world of money” hobby on the local level, grass roots and trenches’ here in northern California.

For years, she teamed with her late and life-long partner, Harry W. Davis, driving to meetings and coin shows. At times, staying over at motels to be there ready to assist with set-up very early morning or staff for hours the entry table. This driving included coin shows at some distance.

In fact, Harry and Irene were a known couple, and as her email once stated, a perfect pair.

Irene preformed secretary duties for many years for the local Vallejo Numismatic Society and the registrar for the Joint Xmas Party of Vallejo and its neighbor, the Fairfield Coin Club.

A native of the village of Crockett, Calif., she cared for her mother for decades and worked in towering San Francisco offices, commuting via Greyhound, and that is how she and Harry met.

Her penmanship was exemplary, and Irene did it all without Excel or Word, all neatly handwritten: 3x5 cards, column spreadsheet and lined paper, all eligible and without corrections, too.

Numismatic News readers might wonder why this tribute, this remembrance. Why? Simply stated, Irene represented the legions of many across our nation and around the entire world who serve, work, contribute and enjoy organized numismatics far remote from the distant national hobby and its esteemed grand organizations.

This eulogist has written for previous Numismatic News issues giving tribute, remembrance and memory to those countless hobby stalwarts, deceased and living, who toil, without fanfare or fame, at the grass roots and trenches that is local organized numismatics here in these states, the provinces of Canada and everywhere the world of money revels.

Steve Wonder once remarked, “We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.” Irene was sure evidence of that credo. RIP, Irene.

Michael S. Turrini is president of the California State Numismatic Association.

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