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Thrill of the Hunt

My boys, ages 7 and 11, and I have just recently gotten into coin hunting and collecting within the past year.We have found that buying $50 bags of pennies from banks is the easiest resource for us and we have met some great people that are willing to help us get coins to search.We have found the usual wheats, Canadians, minor varieties, a few errors, plus the occasional dime and washer.

On July 29, 2019, we picked up one of those bags, went home, and split it three ways to hunt. As I was searching my portion I found a dateless Indian Head Cent along with several wheats.Hopeful that we found a great bag, I made sure to check every variety that I know of with a USB microscope. As I continued I checked a 1992 D cent and was pretty certain that it was the close AM variety.I frantically searched for another 1992 to compare and we were all ecstatic to find that we had found the variety FS-901!

The coin has some corrosion and issues but after some research and consulting with a few others we shipped it off to PCGS to have it officially validated and graded.It turns out that the Indian Head was placed into my portion by my oldest as a joke (they told me a few days later) but the 1992D made this hunt fantastic.The thrill of the hunt has struck us!

Name withheld
via email

A few days ago I was shopping for a friend when I received a 2005S Proof nickel in change. I told the cashier that it was a proof nickel and he asked me if I wanted to exchange it for another nickel. I told him that this nickel is worth so much more than five cents.

I will have some friends in the Covina Coin Club appraise it for its worth as it has some scratches on it from circulation. My son and I always check the Coinstar reject chutes when we see one. We have found a variety of coins there, from foreign countries and the U.S.

Best regards to all my fellow collectors!

Helen Desens
Covina, Calif.

I found the 12-S Lincoln in my dad’s change back in ‘58 when I started collecting pennies. He would always empty his pockets of change when he came home from work. What a find!

It remains the best Lincoln I found that I kept. I also found the ‘55 DD as a kid but spent it before I started collecting. I obviously didn’t realize what I had.

R. Cramer
Address withheld

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, but it’s true! I found a 1982D small date. I looked back and checked all the different ways to tell if in fact, you have the right coin.

Matthew Hensley
Knoxville, Tenn.

I had a crazy couple of weeks, so I’m not sure where I received this coin. When things settled down I went through my change and found this!

That’s right! I found a Lowell W quarter! They are out there. Just keep your eyes open and keep hunting.

Sharon Enneking
Marion, Iowa

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