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Online-Only Mint Ordering

Online-Only Mint Ordering is Prohibitive

I have purchased products from the Mint since 1998. First, I did everything by mail and then mail orders were stopped by the Mint. You could only order by telephone or the internet. I then started ordering by telephone and have been successful except for the 2019-S silver eagle Enhanced Reverse proof coin.

I don’t have a computer, nor do I want one. That is where my problem comes in. Since COVID-19 became an issue, I cannot order any product from the Mint by phone. There is no telling if or when that ban will be lifted. Thanks for letting me vent my frustration.

Kenneth E. Daniel
Marion, Ala.

President Had No Bearing on ‘In God We Trust’ Motto

A reader in the Letters column of the Aug. 25 issue reported on one dollar notes bearing the motto “In God We Trust.” These 1935G and 1935H series notes were printed in 1962 and 1963, respectively. It is of no consequence who the president was at the time.

Robert McCurdy
Upper Darby, Pa.

Certified Gold Coins a Safe Investment

This year I have purchased about $11,000 in common-date certified gold coins. They have increased by almost 15 percent during the year. It is a great way to invest and enjoy the hobby. If you need quick cash, it is easy to sell a certified coin. There is no safer investment for your future.

Joe Perry
North Carolina

Collector Seeks Info on Coin Management Software

In the Coins magazine issues where I’ve studied the ads, I have not found an ad for coin management software. Is there any software(s) you would recommend for a small collector?

Does coin management software usually include sections for misc. countries, tokens, medals, etc.? Is there a way large dollar coins (Eisenhower) can be ordered from banks? The only dollar coins I’ve received from banks are the small Susan B. Anthony size.

Tom Kearns
Address withheld

Editor’s Note: A sister site to Numismatic News,, will be re-launching in the coming weeks with an all-new design and improved functionality. The “My Collection” feature will allow users to select coins they are interested in and organize them in digital folders. Multiple folders can be created for coins owned, needed and desired. Keep an eye on future issues of NN for more details. To view a discussion on other software options, visit As to the question about dollar coins, banks can order bulk circulation coins for a fee.

What Should I Do with Extra Clad Coins?

I have been buying silver coins in large lots between 12 and 14 times face, but that has all come to an end now. Many were proof sets and a lot of Kennedy sets, but now I have lots of clad extras I bought at face and am not quite sure what to do with these.

Name and address withheld

In Response to Stone Mountain ‘Viewpoint’

I just completed reading of the “Viewpoint” on the Stone Mountain coin and carving. Robert Grand conveniently omitted some key information on the bas relief carving. Gutzon Berglum started the project but soon left after much conflict. His work was blasted from the face of the mountain, and his design was altered by those who followed him. Henry A Lukeman, Walter Hancock and Roy Faulkner each did work on the carving. Much of the work took place while the property was in private hands, so please spare us the moralizing about institutional racism. If the coin bothers anyone then please spend your cash obtaining as many as possible for melting, as my specimen will only increase in value.

Steve Cox
Easley, S.C.

1960 Franklin Half Dollar Suspected to be Proof

I just received this 1960(P) Franklin half from a monthly coin program I belong to. I suspect it is a proof, but how do I tell for sure? It has very mirror-like fields as if from a polished die, yet some of the details, mostly the bell lines and inscriptions on the bell, are soft and lack detail. Conversely, the other lettering and the small eagle on the reverse are very sharp. The portrait and more so the bell appear to have a slightly duller finish. There are no bag marks or blemishes, which also leads me to believe it is a proof coin – but how do I tell for sure?

Daryl Conley
Truth or Consequences, N.M.