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Oct. 23 e-Letter Responses

From the Oct. 23 Numismatic News e-Newsletter

Do you think living people should be portrayed on circulating coinage?

Here are some answers from our e-Newsletter readers.

A qualified no. I would like to see a series of Medal of Honor winners on circulating coins, living, and those that have passed.

Name and address withheld

Absolutely not! Everybody will think that they are entitled and in the end, nobody will be satisfied no matter what happens.

Phil Iversen
Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Big NO.
Let’s return to what the founding fathers determined as most suitable; don’t honor individuals because we are not a monarchy. We should represent metaphors to Liberty, free thought, ending slavery, and servitude (the plebeian hat).

Richard Venberg
Address withheld

It would set the coin collector on fire. I say yes if nothing else, it would be the topic of discussion, at a coin club meeting, coin show and in our coin store (old school barbershop, environment).

Carl Hornberger
Integrity coin store
Poquoson, Va.

As long as the Individual is deserving of such an honor, of course.
As a Marine Corps Veteran, it won’t do me much good for someone to say ” Thanks for Your Service ” to my gravestone. Rocks just don’t listen, nor can they see.

Steve McGowan
Algonac, Mich.

Absolutely NOT. NOT EVER. And who’s Kindergarten decision was it anyway to change the reverse of the silver American Eagle? This is not a coloring book contest! Someone needs to teach these children some respect.

Name and address withheld

Living people should not be memorialized on U.S. coins like Arkansas and Alabama commemoratives.
Also, foreigners like Isabella should be barred.

S. Schwartz
Address withheld

Yes, it would be a nice touch if the U.S. mint put people that are alive on coins, instead of fossils.

Name and address withheld

NO, remove all the dead presidents also.

Joe Lynch
Address withheld

No. Look at Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington. They all had slaves. and they are dead. It’s safer to put Fords, Chevys, and Plymouth on coins.

Ronald B Ruisinger Sr
Address withheld

No living persons on coins; you never know what they are up to before they die.

Eddy Absil
Address Withheld

No. Not living or dead. Coins should commemorate the country, not an individual.

Name and address withheld