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Letters to the Editor: Oct. 20, 2022

CoinStar Machine Turns Out Impressive Finds

My husband thinks that I look like a bum when I check the reject bins of the CoinStar machines when we’re shopping for groceries, but I do it anyways. I hit the mother lode today, and even he was impressed!

My handful of coins included: a Canadian toonie, 1951 George VI Canadian silver 10 cents (VG), 1942 Mercury dime (VG), two 1959 silver dimes (one VF, the other EF), 1961-D silver dime (VF), 1964 silver dime (EF), 1937 Buffalo nickel (VF), 1936 Buffalo nickel (F), 1918 Buffalo nickel (G), 1944-P silver nickel (F), 1940-S nickel (VF), 1946 nickel (VF), 1947 wheat penny (VF), 1960-D small date cent (EF) and 40 cents spending money!

Needless to say, I’ll continue to check the reject bins at the CoinStar machines!

Name and address withheld

NN Isn’t the Place for Political Conversations

I like to think of Numismatic News as a “politically free” publication so I was a bit irked at the apparent “dig” by one of your viewers submissions recently that stated Obama made incandescent light bulbs illegal. Sadly, he is quite misinformed. It was all started under his predecessor George W. Bush in 2007. Obama just helped push along more efficient lighting as so many people were complaining about high electric bills ... so the move to replace inefficient bulbs gained strength. Imagine that, trying to save taxpayers money and the presidents even get slammed for that (regardless of party). I enjoy your publication immensely, but please try to keep the political diatribe out of it.

Karl NovakHollywood, Fla.