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Letters to the Editor: Oct. 12, 2022

NN Directory Listing Helped Boost Show Attendance

I wish to thank Numismatic News for assisting the Tyler Coin Club (Tyler, Texas) with the club’s Annual Coin Show on Aug. 12-13. As a subscriber, I requested that our show be posted in the Show Directory in your publication and you responded with our notice for a number of issues.

The Tyler Coin Club has a very active membership of over 60 members that meets monthly. Our two-day coin show had over 1,200 attendees visiting the 55 dealer tables. We far exceeded the number of visitors over past shows greatly. We utilized billboard advertising, mail-outs and heavy dependence on yard signs. Two local television stations gave us excellent air time. That took care of the local area. Numismatic News’ directory provided coverage and notification to out-of-towners and out-of-state collectors.

I feel that your Show Directory ad had a very positive affect on our show attendance. Thank you so very much.

Royce Jackson
Tyler Coin Club
Tyler, Texas

Coins in Uncirculated Sets Display Notches

I recently purchased four uncirculated sets from the U.S. Mint. All four sets have four notches on each coin on both the “D” and “P” packets. I was wondering if you were aware of these sub-standard coins the Mint is selling?

I have been a subscriber for many years and enjoy your publication. God bless you all!

Rev. Richard Maisano
Cheektowaga, N.Y.

Viewpoint Missed the Mark

I refer to the Numismatic News dated July, 12, 2022. On Page 6 (Viewpoint), the article by Daryl Conley is headlined, “New Collectors Need Direction, Not Criticism.” Yet, he made fun of someone posting a picture of a Kennedy half which the person viewed as having a portrait of Marilyn Monroe on its surface. Daryl stated he couldn’t see Marilyn but did spot Elvis.

The person submitting the portrait was sure of the image, but Mr. Conley made fun of them, exactly what the article was against. Have you no proofreader?

In this issue, I missed [Clifford] Mishler’s cuisine and travel information.

Gary Russell
Mattoon, Ill

Incandescent Bulb Information Corrected

On Page 6 of your Sept. 13 issue, Mr. Kubela writes, in part, “… since incandescent light bulbs were made illegal by Obama …” In nine words he manages two outright lies. Incandescent light bulbs are not illegal. All the ones you have stocked up are legal. They don’t have to be registered, and will not be confiscated. Three-way bulbs and other incandescent bulbs are currently being sold legally. Some are banned, for sure, but not all. The law regarding this was passed in 2007 and was signed by President Bush, Jr.

Gary Hudeck
Garrettsville, Ohio